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Community Health, Education, Medical Infrastructure Development

About Development Africa

Development Africa is an international non-profit organisation with the international office based in Belgium and operations in Nigeria. Our core focuses are; healthcare, education, infrastructure development and community support.

Development Africa has four core targets:

  1. Healthcare: Providing healthcare through free rural medical aid projects, the malaria elimination programme, and operating accessible medical facilities.
  2. Development: Promoting sustainable development through long-term healthcare initiatives, constructing and equipping medical facilities, and empowering widows and women with HIV/AIDS by providing business opportunities.
  3. Education: Furthering educational and professional development by strengthening infrastructure, providing technical assistance and training for medical personnel, healthcare workers, teachers, students, and other members of society.
  4. Community: Engendering community and orphanage support by setting up income-generating schemes and events for the disabled, orphans and children from low-income families and communities.